Splendido Mare Hotel guarantee that the hotel comply with all requirements of the Ministry, as well as the detailed protocols of World Health Organization.

– Use of disinfectants, masks and gloves available, specialized cleaning products;

– Keeping distance; only two employees at the reception;

– One – way traffic on the hotel territory;

– Instruction for special actions, staff training;

– Information (brochures and posters)to the guests about the hygiene requirements;

– Disinfection of all parts of the hotel;

– Working conditions of the animation team;

– Measures for cleaning the rooms;

– In the restaurant: rules for distance between tables, only one family per table;

– Plexiglas safety barriers at the reception and in the restaurants;

– Excellent hygiene in the restaurants, around the buffet and vending machines;

– Regular garbage disposal is provided;

– The staff responsible for and maintaining the sanitary and hygienic condition pf the sites is equipped and uses personal protective equipment.